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Scott Griswold Art

8 Hummingbird Avenue.  Woodbine NJ  08270


studio phone: 609-576-8130




Scott Griswold, Jr. began his camera career at the age of 20 after deciding that trying to make a living as a concert pianist wasn't such a great idea...especially since he couldn't "read" music very well.


He taught himself the "Zone System" of photography made famous by Ansel Adams (with whose work Griswold exhibited in 1980.)


Kodak hired Griswold to appear as host and featured artist on their video series "Images of the Masters" and served as a consultant to their Division of Professional Photography for over 10 years.


Most recently his interests have turned to creating digital paintings from his original photographs and are produced at his studio.


Griswold's photographs have been exhibited throughout Europe, the Pacific Rim, the United States and Australia.


Scott resides at the Jersey Shore with his wife Valerie and their two dogs Wink and Willy.

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